My life started in a small town where you can breathe music and sea. I grew up in a family of musicians, thanks to whom I shyly started singing at age 4 and playing violin at 7, which is an inherited instrument for me and has been with me along the way.

Through the sounds that traveled from my voice and my violin strings I
discovered that music was more than just notes on music sheets, it tasted like emotion. The social pressure towards the professional exits swept away like a wave of the rising sun, leading me to study psychology, thus placing the music in a painful lethargy. She pretended to be asleep, waiting until she was given the right place, the one for her. I looked for her with the same dedication as I sang. I studied the great teachings of the even greater singers and, thanks to early music, my favorite, I woke her up in the shape of a master’s degree from her enchanted slumber.

Accademia d’Arcadia