Holds an MA in Musicology and Interpretation on Early Music. She studied with Professor Marta Almajano, with whom she still furthers her education and mentorship.

She has participated as a soloist with groups such as La Grande Chapelle, under the direction of Albert Recasens. She is also collaborating with him in the recording of the next CD, which features music by Padre Soler, the Sollazzo Ensemble and Arte Psalentes. These last ones are both specialized in medieval music.

Laura also collaborates with La Capilla Antigua de Murcia with the recording of their CD Mvsica in the Reynos de Valencia and Mvrcia, as well as with Dolce Rima, or Cantoría. In 2017 she received a scholarship from Fondatione Cini, in Venice, to participate in the seminar Roman de Fauvel, with Professor Benjamin Bagby. She has also worked under the direction of musicians and directors such as Pedro Memelsdorff, Eduardo Lopez Banzo, Xavier Diaz, Josep Vila i Casañas, Monica Pustilnik and Xavier Blanch, among others, highlighting her participation in a number of works that comprise the Italian and French medieval repertoire, as well as a repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

As a soloist, it is necessary to highlight her participation in Peñíscola International Festival of Medieval and Baroque Music, Festival Internacional de Órgano Catedral de León (Leon Catherdral International Festival of Organ), Festival de Música Antigua de Alarcos (Alarcos Festival of Early Music), Uffizi live (Uffizi Galery, Florence), el SONAR Music Festival (Monastery of SanT llorenç del Munt, Catalonia), and in Festival de Música de Piera (Piera Festival of Music).

She has also sung at places like Church San Jerónimo el real and CSIC The Spanish National Research Council, both in Madrid; at L’Auditori in Barcelona , as well as at Sagrada Familia, Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc (arts society), Frederic Marès Museum, or at Casa Milà – La Pedrera, all in Barcelona.

She is also known for her singing in different Swiss cities, at the auditorium of the European Parliament and The Cervantes Institute, both in Brussels, as well as auditoriums all over the Spanish country. She has been a soloist for San Nicolás Cathedral in Alicante since 2012.

Since 2016 she has been singing together with Bernardo Rambeaud in Cantos del Aire, a duet that performs a repertoire of music from the Spanish Romanticism and the 20th Century.
With Julia García-Arévalo Alonso, Laura forms the Tañer y Trenzar project, specialising in music between the 16th and the 18th Century.

She is a soloist and singer at the Swiss baroque choir Gioia Cantar, with which she has gone on different tours around the Helvetic country since 2013, and with which she has performed works such as Bach’s  Magnificat, Campra’s Messe de Requiem  and several other Baroque and Renacentist works in French and German.

Also as a  singer, she performs with Ars Nova choir, conducted by Mireia Barrera; and with Cor de Cambra Francesc Valls, conducted by Pere Lluís Biosca, both based in Barcelona.

Laura received a professional degree in singing, trained by professor José Ramírez, from Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Murcia (Murcia’s conservatoire) in 2010. She has also taken master classes with Gloria Fabuel, Rosa Domínguez, Enedina Llorís, or Isabelle Henríquez (Conservatoire Populaire de Géneve, Switzerland), with whom she studied for a year in Geneve.
Since its start in 1986, Laura has been part of the choir Maestro Casanovas as a soloist and as a soprano; She has also been a violinist (she studied violin and piano) at the symphonic orchestra of Torrevieja since its start in 2008, which has allowed her to develop her musical skills, and helped her acquire a vast repertoire from different periods and styles, as well as to gain experience as a performer. She has studied piano and violin, and has taught ‘introduction to choral singing’ for seven years at Torrevieja’s choral school (Escuela coral municipal de Torrevieja). Among many things, she now teaches vocal techniques and also holds a degree in Psychology.